Global Road Technology Products for Dust Control and Soil Stabilization Makes Sense

Mining, Infrastructure companies, municipalities, governments, military, and contractors have to constantly wrestle with the logistics of their operations.  Making sure that people, supplies, and equipment all reach their appointed destinations safely and on time can be a daunting task, even for a modestly sized project.  One of the biggest logistical problems they need to contend with is the roads; making sure that they stay available for use at all times is integral to any construction project.  Global Road Technology has developed a series of products designed to address just this issue; they are able to create and maintain road surfaces as well as handling the dust control and soil stabilization issues that arise alongside road construction.  Here are three specific benefits GRT products provide to transportation and construction projects:

  • Fewer External Materials Required – One of the biggest benefits of the GRT approach to road building, dust control, and soil stabilization is that significantly fewer external materials are required to build the road surface.  Little to no quarried rock is needed as in-situ material is substituted for use instead.  This also has the side benefit of reducing the amount of traffic needed to bring in the external material used in conventional road building methods.
  • Lower Environmental Impact – Using dust control and soil stabilization results is significantly lowered environmental impact than a traditional road building project can cause.  There is less quarrying and trucking involved with the process, leading to lower emissions in the area and better air quality.  Foregoing the use of concrete, coal, and crushed rock also means less greenhouse gas emissions from those products.  Finally, salt water can be used on a GRT project rather than fresh water, which is of particular benefit to remote communities or those who have water issues.
  • Long Term Durability – The final benefit of a road built using Global Road Technology’s non-toxic chemical products along with their dust control and soil stabilization services is that the resulting road will have a much higher durability than a traditional surface.  GRT roads are resilient, flexible, resistant to both heat and cold, and impervious to penetration by moisture.

As you can see, GRT products offer some real advantages over traditional road building techniques and supplies.  Their unique approach to road building, designed to take advantage of in-situ material as much as possible to improve dust control and soil stabilization, offers both significant economic and environmental advantages over customary road construction.  GRT offers a full line of products and services, from road stabilization and surfacing chemicals, to dust suppression, bonding, capping, and more.

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