Dust suppression is crucial for maintaining safety, health, and environmental standards in industries such as mining, quarries and civil projects. GRT: Haul-Loc is an engineered solution to a common problem of fugitive dust generated by heavy vehicle movement.

This article highlights features and benefits of Haul-Loc dust suppression, emphasising its applications in civil projects.

HaulLoc dust suppressionWhat is GRT Haul-Loc?

GRT Haul-Loc is a specially engineered liquid polymer designed to be added to existing water trucks for dust suppression. This product reduces water usage by at least 50% and extends the dust suppression effect four to five times longer than water alone. 

How it Works

Haul-Loc operates by utilising advanced polymer technology that targets fine dust particles. When Haul-Loc is mixed with water and applied to road surfaces, the polymers bind the dust particles together, creating a cohesive layer that adheres to the ground. This layer effectively prevents dust from becoming airborne, even under heavy vehicle movement and challenging environmental conditions. This method ensures prolonged dust suppression, reducing the need for frequent water applications and enhancing overall site safety and operational efficiency.

Key Benefits of Haul-Loc Dust Suppression

Cost Efficiency

Haul-Loc significantly cuts costs associated with dust suppression. By reducing the frequency of water truck trips, it minimises fuel, maintenance, and labour expenses. For instance, using Haul-Loc on a Cat 777 water truck can result in annual savings of $1.2 million per truck.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Environmental Impact

Water conservation is a critical aspect of sustainable operations. Haul-Loc’s ability to cut water usage by at least 50% makes it an eco-friendly solution. Additionally, its biodegradable nature ensures it does not harm the environment, contributing to sustainable practices in civil engineering and construction.

Water Conservation

GRT: Haul-Loc minimises the need for frequent water applications. This efficiency can lead to up to a 50% reduction in overall water usage, making it a sustainable choice for civil projects. Such conservation not only saves water resources but also decreases the operational costs associated with water procurement and distribution.


Enhanced Safety

Dust suppression with Haul-Loc improves visibility on haul roads, reducing the risk of accidents. It also mitigates the health hazards associated with dust inhalation, protecting workers and nearby communities by preventing dust from becoming airborne, Haul-Loc ensures a work space that prioritises health and safety for everyone.

Applications in Civil Projects

Haul-Loc’s versatility makes it suitable for various civil applications. Here are some of the key areas where GRT Haul-Loc proves invaluable:

Haul Roads

In civil construction, unsealed haul roads can generate significant dust, affecting both operational efficiency and safety. GRT Haul-Loc suppresses dust on these roads, reducing water consumption and truck utilisation expenses. This leads to better resource management and operational cost savings.

Cleared Sites

Construction sites often involve large cleared areas that can become major dust sources. Haul-Loc mitigates the impact of dust on worker safety and equipment condition. By maintaining cleaner air and surfaces, it helps preserve the longevity of machinery and enhances worker health and productivity.

Environmental Management

Dust from construction activities can have detrimental effects on the surrounding environment and local communities. Haul-Loc minimises these impacts by locking down dust, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. This proactive approach helps maintain good relations with the community and protects local ecosystems.

How Haul-Loc Works

Haul-Loc is designed for easy application using existing water trucks, tankers, or sprinklers. When mixed with water, it is sprayed onto road surfaces, where it binds dust particles, preventing them from being released to the air. This process not only suppresses dust but also enhances the integrity of road surfaces by avoiding overwatering.

Technical Specifications


Haul-Loc is non-hazardous, making it safe for use in various environments. It poses no risk to workers, equipment, or the environment.

Transparent and Odourless

Once applied, Haul-Loc dries transparent and completely odourless, ensuring it does not alter the appearance of treated areas or cause discomfort.

Non-Corrosive and Biodegradable

The product is non-corrosive, ensuring it does not damage equipment or infrastructure. Its biodegradable nature further underscores its environmental safety.

Water-Resistant and UV-Resistant

Haul-Loc is water-resistant, providing long-lasting dust suppression even in wet conditions. Its UV resistance ensures it remains effective under direct sunlight.

Implementation and Support

GRT works closely with clients to devise comprehensive dust mitigation strategies. Their team provides engineering input to design, layout, and maintain site roads, optimising available materials for construction. GRT also offers automated dosing systems for precise application, ensuring consistent results and maximising efficiency. These SMART Dosing Units use IoT technology to monitor and control the dosage of Haul-Loc, providing real-time data and analytics. This allows for optimal application rates, reducing waste and ensuring that the dust suppression efforts are both effective and economical.


Optimising Dust Suppression in Civil Applications

GRT Haul-Loc stands out as an innovative solution for dust suppression in civil applications. Its cost efficiency, environmental benefits, and enhanced safety make it an essential tool for modern civil engineering projects. By adopting Haul-Loc, industries can achieve sustainable operations, protect their workforce, and contribute positively to environmental conservation.


So if you are looking for Civil Dust Suppression solutions, GRT: Haul-Loc is your answer!

Dust suppression is a critical issue in the world of mining and resources.

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