THE mining and coal seam gas industries are driving construction booms within resource rich regions of Australia, including the Surat Basin, where local shires are working on improving infrastructure to manage the sudden employment growth of 12,500 workers.

The construction opportunity will only increase as mining and CSG companies invest more than $70 billion into projects, where it is expected to involve drilling in excess of 25,000 CSG wells over the next two to three decades.

Global Road Technology (GRT) has a strong affiliation with these regional communities managing the impacts of significant workforce swells, where road networks and infrastructure struggle to cope with traffic increases of around 18,000 vehicles a day.

Demand for GRT’s products in South East Queensland has risen to over 100 tonnes per week to manage thousands of kilometers of road infrastructure.

GRT’s polymer dust suppression and road stabilization technology is able to create instant road infrastructure – saving time, money and resources – compared to the construction of conventional roads.

Our products are manufactured to be soil specific, there is no silver bullet in our industry which a lot of companies will lead you to believe.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Each soil type has different characteristics and behaves differently, which require unique formulations to be tailored to suit site conditions, take for example black soil which is extremely problematic, this is why our company has had so much success in the south east Queensland area.

Using in-situ materials, GRT’s products manage environmental impact on roads reducing dust and erosion levels by up to 98 per cent alleviating the impact on landowners and the local community whilst reducing the need for burrow pits and imported material.

This has significant safety benefits to companies when you account for the haulage and maintenance vehicles removed from operation.

GRT is able to provide clients with increased personnel safety and vehicle manoeuverability in all weather conditions reducing construction timelines and adding the versatility of adapting to site conditions.

Through the use of GRT products, water requirements for dust control are minimised, the need for imported materials is lessened making roads more cost effective.

A recent study conducted by Deloitte’s accountancy firm and SMEC engineering firm showed a proven 37% cost saving through the use of GRT products.

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