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Australian headquartered infrastructure firm GRT, is further building its international capabilities with the establishment of a joint venture focusing on the MENA Region – Middle East and Northern Africa. This region is home to nearly 600 million people, across 19 separate countries at various stages of economic development requiring critical infrastructure to help build their economies. It is also responsible for a significant portion of global oil and gas output. GRT are partnering with end-to-end construction and industrial services firm Al Massarat Al Khalijia General Trading & Contracting Company who is GRT’s main distributor for the MENA Region and Africa. The new entity is named GRT MENA and is looking to build its presence across this vast area. 

Leading, alternative road construction, dust control and mining services firm GRT is continuing to build its global presence announcing that it is embarking on a joint venture in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. 

To be called GRT MENA, the joint venture sees GRT partner with the construction and industrial services multinational Al Massarat for the purpose of servicing clients across the oil and gas, construction, military, and mining sectors with its infrastructure and process solutions. This initiative follows a number of successful engagements over the last 4 years with the United Arab Emirates government via the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority, also known as Shurooq – the first time this body worked with an Australian company in this capacity. 

According to the Director of Operations for Al Massarat, Mr. Youssef Farah, the firm is extremely well placed to meet the huge demand across the vast region for infrastructure projects to support the requirements of the resource and civil construction sectors. 

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

“GRT MENA is being set-up specifically to meet the wide-spread need from the region’s civil and resources industries for fast and effective infrastructure solutions utilising products and services proven to reduce dust pollution, maintenance costs and improve safety” Mr Farah said.

“In a region that spans such a large area comprised of countries at various stages of economic development, cost-effective road construction and operation solutions are critical in addressing a shortfall in paved roads – a vital factor in improving transport connections to help grow trade-links. “These projects are attracting hundreds of billions of dollars of investment at a national and international level. GRT MENA is well placed to support this investment and improve the quality of life for people in the region via our range of innovative products that deliver the requirements of road stabilisation and dust control when building new roads. 


The parent company of GRT MENA, GRT, is a world-leader in the development of innovative construction and operational solutions for the mining, resources, civil and agricultural sectors that solve health and safety issues, reduce environmental impact, and deliver savings to asset owners and operators.  

GRT has developed a range of innovative chemical additives, for example, GRT: Haul-Loc, GRT: Activate, GRT: Ore-Loc, GRT: Wet-Loc designed specifically for managing and containing dust for the purpose of protecting workers and residents nearby. These products were a key part in driving the joint venture with Al Massarat as the firm recognised their suitability for the region and saw how they could address numerous infrastructure issues facing both governments and the private sector. 

For developing nations and countries with large resource based economies, these solutions are in high-demand as they allow the creation of reliable infrastructure at a significantly reduced costs – while also protecting local communities by reducing the impact of air pollution and improving overall road safety. 

GRT General Manager Mr Daniel Grundy believes that GRT MENA is well-placed to meet the huge overall demand across the 19 countries that make up the region and believes that its ability to produce positive environmental and safety outcomes while also being commercially viable sets it apart from other infrastructure providers. 

“Our products, applications and services are perfectly suited for the MENA region. Further to this, our experience in dust control, soil stabilization, and saving water will also play a key-role in an arid region where water is scarce, dune migration often smothers or undercuts built infrastructure, and dust impacts daily life,” said Mr Grundy. 

“GRT products can resolve critical issues facing the oil and gas and development sector across the MENA Region. We also see ourselves being able to partner with governments, the UN and World Bank and NGO’s in playing our part in improving quality of life through the provision of safe and reliable infrastructure and workplaces. 

About GRT:   

GRT is an international, engineering technology company focussing on providing innovative products and solutions for the mining, civil, agricultural, resources, land development, and environmental management sectors. GRT’s industry leading technology is proven to drive process efficiency, deliver sustainable infrastructure outcomes, and improve community health, safety and environmental outcomes.