Motorists, tourists and mining workers will benefit from a technology trial on some of South Australia’s most remote roads, including the historic, unsealed Strzelecki Track.

Using Australian-developed ‘spray-on roads’, the trial will see polymers, similar to paint, applied to remote dirt roads in the Cooper Basin – the effect of which will be harder-wearing road surfaces that are longer-lasting and use less water than alternative methods.

Energy company’s are partnering with infrastructure company Global Road Technology (GRT) to conduct the trial using GRT’s polymers, which can make roads that are safer and cheaper despite the harsh conditions and remote locations.

Under the trial, GRT is applying its polymers to, and maintaining, unsealed roads with the results to be assessed over 12 months.

GRT managing director Troy Adams said the company was confident its technology, which is used on sites in India, Brazil, United States, PNG, the Middle East and regional Australia, would deliver significant benefits for the asset holders and the road users.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

“People travelling these remote roads, including the Strzelecki Track, will benefit from roads which are smoother, waterproof (and less prone to wash-outs) and have improved traction compared to the existing unsealed infrastructure,” Mr Adams said.

“Road users will notice dust is eliminated on these roads, which is not only a safety improvement because of increased visibility, but also has health benefits from reduced eye and lung irritation.

“Our technology allows us to significantly reduce the amount of water that needs to be applied to the roads for dust reduction and maintenance, which is essential given the pressures on water availability in the region.”

Mr Adams said the Strzelecki Track trial was part of the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability in the Cooper Basin.

“Local energy companies are extremely pleased with our high quality, safe, cost effective and environmentally sustainable road solution for their businesses, the trial would deliver significant cost savings for the company, while delivering improved safety and community outcomes”.

The cost of the trial on the Strzelecki Track is commercial-in-confidence, however the cost savings from reduced ongoing maintenance means it is anticipated to be cost neutral after the first year, with maintenance expenditure halved by the fourth year.

Mr Adams said GRT are partnering with local contractors to deliver the works over the next 12 months, It has been great to work with a local company that has the ability to see the advantages our products produce in safety, cost savings and environmental benefits.

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