GRT: 7000 offers a new formulation and powerful soil binding properties, making it an ideal choice for sealing BMX and pump tracks. This innovative product from Global Road Technology has been successfully used by several BMX clubs, demonstrating its effectiveness in creating durable, all-weather track surface.

What is GRT: 7000?

GRT: 7000 is a liquid polymer designed to seal the surface of granular pavement layers. It provides a tough surface seal, offering a robust alternative to traditional sealing products like bitumen. Environmentally friendly and ultimately biodegradable, GRT: 7000 ensures a waterproof, dust-free surface with a clear finish. Its application can last from 12 to 52 weeks, depending on traffic. It is very easy to repair without the need for any specialised equipment.

How it Works

grt:7000 use

Figure (a) shows without fines, and the air voids allows for water ingress. Figure (b) shows with fines; as the GRT 7000 dries, it binds everything together into a cohesive structure and is very strong.

GRT: 7000 can be  applied using a standard water truck with a gravity-fed dribble bar or through a hose sprayer. The product penetrates the base material, creating a stable, tough, durable layer. This method enhances the surface’s resistance to traffic wear, wind erosion, and rainfall impact.

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BMX Tracks Using GRT: 7000

 BMX tracks

Several BMX clubs have adopted GRT: 7000 for their tracks, including:

These clubs have seen significant improvements in track performance and durability, thanks to the product’s soil binding properties. The slurry seal technique, which involves mixing GRT: 7000 into the medium of choice, ensures a smooth finish essential for BMX tracks and can be easily screed into the desired shape.This technique is popular for BMX tracks, pump tracks, council walking tracks, and RC car tracks.

Why GRT: 7000 is Important for BMX Tracks

GRT: 7000 offers numerous benefits for BMX tracks. It provides a smooth, durable surface that withstands high volume activity  and environmental conditions. The product reduces the need for frequent water applications, conserving water and cutting operational costs. Maintenance is easy, with simple repair techniques ensuring long-lasting performance.

Environmental Benefits of GRT: 7000

GRT: 7000 is an eco-friendly solution and is non-toxic. Its biodegradable nature ensures it does not harm the environment. The product locks down fugitive dust, creating a hard, all-weather surface that lasts up to 12 months. This dust suppression capability is vital for maintaining air quality and protecting the health of riders and spectators.

Implementation and Support

GRT works closely with clients to devise comprehensive dust mitigation strategies. Their team provides engineering input to design, layout, and maintain site roads, optimising available materials for construction. 

GRT: 7000 – A Proven Solution for BMX Tracks


GRT: 7000’s new formulation and powerful soil binding properties have proven successful in various BMX tracks, providing durable and smooth surfaces that withstand traffic wear and environmental conditions. The product’s ease of application and maintenance makes it an ideal solution for BMX clubs looking to enhance their tracks’ performance and longevity.

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