The application of ground penetrating radar (GPR) has been of great interest in the exploration and mining industry, especially with regards to subsurface mapping.

After the rapid commercialisation of GPR in radar antennas, analytical software has extended its application as an exploration method in multiple archaeological sites. Nowadays, several data processing approaches are in practice, for delivering high resolution images of mining activity.

GPR – An Introduction

GPR (ground penetrating radar) is an efficient technology that has been used considerably in subsurface exploration. The modern tools based on the technology are remarkably efficient too. These tools can gather, analyse, assess and process huge chunks of data, allowing the personnel to gain valuable decisions.

Benefits of using GPR in Mining:

  • Reduces Extraction Costs

GPR equipment presents an affordable solution to gather high resolution data at a rapid rate. With efficient methods like borehole investigation, the technology can be leveraged to gain information from great depths. Also specialists can judge the feasibility of the proposed mines and establish safe mining protocols with the technology.

  • Derives Market Advantage

Since the exploration and mining market is gaining traction, many companies are vying to benefit right from the beginning. With efficient GPR tools, warding off the competition becomes easier. One could determine the exact location, dimensions, and even the nature of a mineral property with the help of responsive, innovative equipment.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

  • Secure Operations

Mistakes in the industry might not only cost money, but lives too. Robust risk management systems are extremely important in this regard. GPR can be used to reduce dangers, since they offer accurate and useful information at the outset. By gauging the environment beforehand, one can take necessary precautions easily.

  • Boost the return of investment (ROI)

Advanced GPR equipment can help locate and explore even inaccessible mineable regions. GPR helps companies to take advantage of mineable opportunities, boost ROI and even earn millions of dollars in revenue.

Finding the right supplier requires immense experience and knowledge. One will have to make the vendors understand your exploration or mining plan before investing in any equipment.

Author Bio:
This article is written and submitted by Matthew Funnell, who works with privately owned Supercut(WA) concrete cutting and core drilling company serving Western Australia for 20 years.