Press Release – December 4, 2019

Global Road Technology, based in Yatala, Queensland, Australia, has announced that they are offering a dust suppression solution that can help protect the health of miners in Australia. There is a growing concern about the health and safety of mining workers in Australia because of the increasing number of cases of “black lung” disease and silicosis. A black lung advocacy group has revealed that there have been almost 20 new diagnoses of coal dust disease in Queensland workers in the past two weeks. These diseases are believed to be caused primarily by prolonged exposure to coal mine dust and can be fatal.

According to statistics from CFMEU Mining & Energy, more than 100 people in Queensland have already been diagnosed with mine dust diseases, such as black lung and silicosis. CFMEU Mining & Energy Queensland District President Steve Smyth is even worried that the real number of victims could be much higher because of poor processes of diagnosing workers.

Meanwhile, in the mining town of Moranbah in central Queensland, residents have raised concerns regarding increased levels of microscopic dust, called PM10. These are airborne particles that have a diameter of fewer than 10 microns. These particles are small enough to be able to enter the lungs and cause respiratory diseases and even elevate the risk of heart disease when high levels of PM10 are inhaled over a long period of time.


Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Global Road Technology has developed several dust suppression technologies that can be utilised to prevent more cases of black lung disease in coal mines. These Australian developed products are tried and tested by many of the world’s largest miners. Targetting the complete range of dust sources in mining, the GRT dust suppression technologies include:

GRT Wet-Loc


GRT Haul-Loc

GRT Ore-Loc

GRT Soil-Loc


Two critical dust-generating areas to highlight are:

Haul and Access Roads

GRT Haul-Loc is a specially formulated liquid polymer designed primarily for haul-road dust suppression and for the conditions of the mining and resource sectors. It can be applied by using existing water tankers, trucks and sprinklers. It is mixed with water and then sprayed onto road surfaces where it binds to form a stable layer that is resistant to wind erosion, heavy traffic, and rainfall impact. The primary applications of GRT Haul-Loc are for haul roads, cleared sites, and environmental management. It can be used to suppress dust on unsealed roads while offering advantages in terms of rideability and reduced maintenance costs over time. For cleared sites, it minimises the impact of dust on worker safety and the condition of plant and equipment.

Coal Shearing and Processing

The Activate product range targets underground mining and ore processing. It is a concentrated additive that overcomes the properties that make water a poor dust suppressant – high surface tension and surface charge. GRT ACTIVATE UG is a super activated, mining dust suppression technology for use in underground mining. It is designed to be injected into water supply lines and sprayed using existing spray systems, and strips out high velocity, harmful airborne coal and silica dust.

GRT ACTIVATE is primarily used for the processing side of quarrying and mining. It super activates water overcoming the high surface tension and surface charge properties of water for the purpose of immediately capturing even airborne dust and other particles, forcing them to drop out of suspension. This property also means that less water would be required for dust control – whilst actually achieving far greater outcomes in protecting workers and the community from the harmful effects of airborne dust.

Those who would like to learn more about the dust suppression technologies offered by Global Road Technology can check out their website, or contact them through the phone or via email.