Global Road Technology (GRT) and TotalEnergies Marketing Australia will be showcasing its world leading dust suppression solution at the upcoming 2024 Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference

GRT’s Australian-made SMART Dosing Unit, which has been backed by a Queensland government innovation grant is an automated dosing system designed to enhance the effectiveness of dust suppression and water management systems on mine sites will be the centre-piece of its presentation.

It will educate miners on the importance of using whole-of-site particulate pollution control measures that combine data collection, AI tools, eco-friendly solutions and specially engineered products built to withstand the harshest Australian conditions can protect workers and communities from work-related lung-diseases like silicosis. 

For GRT CEO Troy Adams, the 2024 Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference will provide GRT and its distribution partner TotalEnergies Marketing Australia the opportunity to showcase products and services that can safeguard the health and safety of mine site workers.

The best solution for Dust Suppression

“Alongside our partners TotalEnergies Marketing Australia we are planning to educate the sector about our industry proven solutions to prevent excessive dust generation within the resources sector,” said Mr Adams. 

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

“One of our key focus areas will be to highlight the benefits of using our Queensland government backed SMART dosing technology to help Australian miners to reduce their carbon footprint and the amount of particulate pollution produced during mining activity.

We will highlight where this technology sits in our complete suite of non-toxic chemical dust suppression applications that twinned with our engineered dosing and application techniques deliver integrated dust management strategies that limit exposure times, measure particulate pollution, and allow us to deliver data-driven targeted control methods and ensure that workers are trained to recognise and understand risks.”

Headquartered in Queensland, GRT is an international engineering technology company offering innovative products and solutions to the mining, civil, agricultural, resources, land development, and environmental management sectors.



Designed and assembled by GRT’s engineers, these SMART Dosing Units adhere to the company’s ISO 9001 certified quality management system. They are manufactured in Australia and consist of a central control and satellite communication module. This module utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) technology, enabling remote control and automation of product use.

The Queensland Government supported it through Round 9 of the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas initiative to accelerate GRT’s growth and aid the mining industry in worker protection and environmental sustainability.

Our Passion is Innovation

GRT’s innovative product suite of dust suppression non-toxic chemical applications twinned with its engineered dosing and application techniques has seen it emerge as a national leader in the development of infrastructure and process solutions for the global markets, and sees it well-placed to capitalise on this growth. 

TotalEnergies Marketing Australia Mining Manager Andrew Druwitt emphasizes that industry progress hinges on employers staying informed about relevant standards. This includes codes of practice and compliance requirements regarding exposure limits to protect workers. The partnership with GRT reflects this understanding of the industry’s future product needs.

The partnership with GRT allows us to work with the mining sector on particulate pollution reduction strategies. Going through phased and planned dust suppression programs,” Mr Druwitt said. 

“Our focus at TotalEnergies Marketing Australia is to raise awareness in the resource sector about dust pollution dangers. Dust pollution significantly impacts air quality, endangering worker health and local communities.”

About GRT:   

GRT is an Australian-owned company with an international footprint that provides revolutionary solutions. Their mission is to deliver better and safer infrastructure and operational outcomes across the roads, resources, and rural sectors.

GRT’s team of engineers and scientists collaborates with leading industry and academic institutions to develop products and applications. Their technology, applicable across various materials and environments, facilitates the creation of durable, safe, and sustainable infrastructure and operations.

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About TotalEnergies Marketing Australia 

TotalEnergies has maintained a presence in Australia for over 50 years, aspiring to become global leader in the energy transition. The company is fully integrated across all sectors of the energy business.

From 2022, its businesses include Exploration & Production (E&P), SunPower, Total Eren, SAFT and Marketing and services (M&S).

TotalEnergies Marketing Australia (M&S Lubricants Division) targets key lubricant markets like Mining, OEMs, Power Generation, and Special Fluids. TotalEnergies E&P partners in major LNG projects: Ichthys LNG and Gladstone LNG.

Total Eren developed a highly innovative utility-scale solar farm, leading the Australian renewable energy market. With the goal to transition to a low-carbon, high renewables economy.

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Dust suppression is a critical issue in the world of mining and resources.

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