For oil and coal seam gas extraction companies, road access is vital. Not just on site but also in the wider community. Serving as vital arteries of transit, these roads sustain some of the heaviest traffic and in turn suffer the worst wear and tear.

GRT has a variety of revolutionary polymer products and processes to stabilize and/or seal these access roads. Lowing maintenance costs, our solutions address visibility issues, dust-related health concerns, ensures year round, all weather site access and helps oil and natural gas extraction companies ensure regulatory compliance.

GRT’s processes and solutions work on the premise of prevention being the best medicine. GRT’s line of products and road dust control solutions dramatically reduce dust and stabilize the road surface, preventing erosion and avoiding costly maintenance or resurfacing. Also, GRT’s dust control polymer products and processes eliminate the contaminating effects of dust on the environment, keeping the road clear and the community happy.

By being proactive about dust control and soil stabilization, GRT helps sites stay safe and ensures oil and coal seam gas companies can continue to succeed in the communities in which they operate.

For more information on Global Road Technology or how we service the coal seam gas industry please contact GRT.

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