The world of dust management services is a quickly evolving one. And as the available technology continues to change, so does the approach to dust control. Thanks to a renewed focus on how industries use and manage their water alongside rising environmental awareness, dust control is now a key focus for many mining, civil and construction businesses. 

What is Dust Management?

Dust management itself is a broad, catch-all term referring to the method(s) used to suppress dust particles in various applications, e.g. the unsealed haul road of a mine site. GRT is a specialist provider of dust management services and products, relying on modern technology to deliver SMART dust suppression solutions in rugged situations.

A Dust Management Plan for Mining

Improving the airborne dust management of your mine site also provides multiple flow-on benefits. But to fully realise the gains, it’s vital to have a dust management plan in place and prepared correctly. Planning can take into account your various point sources of respirable dust; some examples of this include:

  • Compressed air tools
  • Grinding equipment 
  • Industrial smokestacks 

Large-scale sources of mining dust will often include:

  • Construction and demolition sites 
  • Mine pits and quarries 
  • Unpaved surfaces (haul roads) and piled loose materials

As far as solutions go, you can plan for small-scale dust sources by combining collectors, extraction systems, and partitions. This is where a dedicated dust management plan will yield outsized results across your mining operations.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

What are Dust Management Services?

Dust management services, like those supplied by GRT, are a complete solution for managing your worksite’s unique airborne dust requirements.

In the modern world, dust management companies need to offer an interconnected package of services, using the most advanced available technology to provide a value add for the client.

At GRT, our team will plan out a cutting-edge service from the get-go to meet your dust management needs and improve your operations’ efficiency with valuable data. 

This brings us to the dust management solutions issue, where GRT is proud to lead the way. 

GRT’s Dust Management Solutions 

Global Road Technology offers a range of dust management solutions to fulfill different needs for varied purposes, soil types, and weather conditions.

Here’s the nitty-gritty:

  • GRT’s dust suppression solutions are 65% more effective than water-alone
  • GRT’s SMART Dosing technology automates the product dosing process to eliminate inaccuracies and deliver effective dust suppression at all times.
  • For the treatment of driving surfaces, GRT offers suppressants with binding properties for a stable matrix and increased water resistance of a soil body. 
  • Our dust management solutions allow for efficient dust prevention and the creation of higher-quality driving surfaces. 
  • We don’t consider decreased vehicle velocity as a necessary compromise. 
  • Compared to the rolling resistance of traditional sprayed chip seal surfaces, studies have highlighted GRT’s treatment as equivalent or even better quality. 

In addition, roads treated with a GRT solution require no grading, while many other dust management services still need attention three to four times a month. 

The effects of GRT’s treatments last for months, and our products build on one another, meaning each new application lasts longer than its predecessor.

Our dust management is designed to provide highly durable haul, LV roads that are dust free.

Most importantly, GRT’s SMART Dosing Units include telemetry which acts as a data hub and allows for direct reporting, tracking, and control of dosing, with a user-friendly dashboard. This powerful data includes water consumption, water truck operational efficiency, water truck efficiencies, product levels, dosage rates and the overall working effectiveness of the supporting apparatus (incl. pumps and power units) used to provide dust suppression services

The result of this is a decreased monthly haul road expense with a bonus boost to efficiency and safety.

Aside from specialised products for driving surfaces, Global Road Technology offers products for dust suppression on piled loose materials at construction and demolition sites, mines, quarries and materials in transport. 

These specialised products can coat particles of piled materials without changing their properties.

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