Global Road Technology is a world leader in providing innovative dust control solutions for tunneling and mining. Dust comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. Dust is harmful to the lungs. Silicosis, COPD, black lung disease, lung cancer are amongst the many lung diseases which are caused by inhalation of respirable dust particles. It’s a silent killer. Different activities in various applications generate harmful and life-threatening dust. The major activities that contribute towards the generation of dust include:

  • drilling 
  • blasting 
  • stone cutting
  • tunnel boring
  • stockpiling 
  • material handling – conveyor belts 
  • hauling – haul roads 
  • transportation 
  • loading and unloading

Dust control challenges in NSW and voices advocating for change

The 2021 NSW Review of the Dust Diseases scheme was concluded in early 2022. Although the recommendations followed up on the 2019 review on the management of silicosis in the manufactured stone industry. There was a consensus over ineffective dust control across silica dust-generating industries in NSW. These NSW prominent organizations and representative bodies included: 

  • Australian Lawyers Alliance 
  • Carers NSW Australia
  • The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP)
  • Cancer Council & Lung Foundation Australia
  • Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists, Inc
  • CFMEU Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union, Construction and General Division, NSW Divisional Branch
  • The Mine Ventilation Society of Australia
  • SafeWork NSW 
  • Maurice Blackburn Lawyers 
  • Unions NSW 

GRT’s dust control applications 

Tunneling – Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) have improved efficiency in tunneling but increased the problem of dust pollution to workers in tunneling projects. Activities such as drilling, blasting, underground and surface roads, and stockpiles generate dust. Tunneling and material handling generate silica dust which is a health hazard to the workers and their families. For tunneling projects, GRT uses its innovative products to optimize wet dust suppression moisture on the conveyor belt bed. This enables the material to get to the transfer point without any material loss. There are several tunneling projects happening in NSW according to the Australian Tunnelling Society. These include:

  • WestConnex M4 East, Sydney 
  • WestConnex New M5, Sydney 
  • Lane Cove Tunnel, NSW  
  • City East Cable Tunnel, NSW. 

Products – GRT: ACTIVATE UG, GRT:12X, GRT: DC Binder, GRT Wet-Loc, GRT: Enviro-Binder 

Mining – Whether it is underground or open-cut mining, GRT has products for the different pit to port activities related to your mining activities. Your worker’s health and safety are our sole priority. Our SMART automated dosing units can be used with the GRT: Haul-Loc system for your autonomous haulage systems. The integration into your Integrated Remote Operations Centre is seamless. As a leading industry player, we are moving with the digital mine era. Our solutions in mining are custom made to suit your requirements and the best part about it is that dust control is our forte. We see you through the digital transformation with solutions that partner your efforts to go fully remote. 

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Products – GRT: Haul-Loc, GRT: ACTIVATE, GRT: 12X, GRT: DC Binder, GRT: Wet-Loc.

Engineered Dust Control Solutions 

If you are anywhere in NSW do not struggle to deal with dust. Tunneling, mining, civil construction, renewables, oil, and gas, farming our engineered dust control solutions work for you.  GRT is at your service. Speak to Daniel Grundy and get all the necessary insights on how GRT can provide you with effective dust control solutions.