Dust is a significant challenge in Mineral Exploration Drilling Operations, impacting worker safety, equipment performance, and the environment. GRT: 12X Drill & Blast Dust Control is formulated to address these concerns effectively. Here you will find out the benefits of GRT: 12X and its positive impact on drilling and dust control operations.


Superior Dust Suppression

GRT: 12X is specifically engineered to bind dust particles, preventing them from becoming airborne. This reduces the risk of respiratory issues for workers by minimising airborne dust, thereby creating a safer and healthier working environment. Independent verification by a leading Australian university has shown GRT: 12X to be 12 times more effective at capturing dust than water alone. This is achieved by modifying the water’s surface tension, enhancing its performance in controlling fine dust particles.

Enhanced Equipment Performance

Dust accumulation on drill rigs can impair functionality and increase maintenance costs. GRT: 12X helps maintain optimal equipment performance by minimising dust buildup. This leads to reduced downtime and lower maintenance expenses, keeping operations running smoothly. The product is dosed into the drill rig’s water tank at ratios of 1:1000 to 1:2000, effectively intercepting and immobilising fugitive dust particles.

Improved Safety and Compliance

Ensuring a safe working environment is crucial in mineral exploration drilling operations. GRT: 12X helps meet regulatory requirements and promotes a healthier workplace. Effective dust control minimises health risks and enhances overall worker safety. The solution does not impact ore properties or interfere with drill and blast activities, ensuring compliance with safety standards without reducing productivity.

Cost-Effective Drilling and Dust Control Solution

This cost-effective solution saves both time and money, making it a valuable addition to drilling exploration operations. The product’s ease of use further enhances its cost-effectiveness, as it mixes rapidly and provides consistent dosing throughout the tank.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

How GRT: 12X Works

GRT: 12X works by modifying the water’s surface tension, enhancing its ability to control fine dust particles. The product improves droplet formation, increases spray coverage, and enhances the wetting and dust suppression capabilities of water. This makes it highly effective against fine silica-based dust and coal dust-related issues. GRT: 12X saturates and immobilises dust particles, preventing them from becoming airborne.


Applications of GRT: 12X

  1. Mining Sites: Dust control is essential in mining to ensure safety and operational efficiency. GRT: 12X is ideal for use in mining operations, where it significantly reduces dust emissions.
  2. Construction Sites: Construction activities generate substantial dust. Using GRT: 12X helps maintain a cleaner and safer worksite.

Sustainable Mineral Exploration Drilling and Dust Control Solutions

GRT: 12X is a powerful tool for drilling and dust control, offering numerous benefits for both the environment and various industries. Its effectiveness, ease of application, and environmental safety make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to manage dust sustainably. By choosing GRT: 12X, you contribute to healthier ecosystems and more efficient operations.


So if you are looking for Mineral Exploration Drilling solutions, GRT: 12X is your answer!

Dust suppression is a critical issue in the world of mining and resources.

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