Global Road Technology – Providing Savings in Three Cost Categories Through Soil Stabilization and Dust Control Products

Global Road Technology is able to offer organizations both public and private significant cost savings in three separate categories when it comes to infrastructure development and maintenance.  Their innovative soil stabilization and dust control products are changing the way roads are built both far off (often in some of the most extreme environments on Earth,) as well as locally, in the heart of some of the world’s largest urban centers.

How do the soil stabilization and dust control products of GRT save these organizations money?  Let’s take a look:

  • Construction Savings – Global Road Technology dust control and soil stabilization products provide significant savings when it comes to road building and other forms of infrastructure creation.  Less prep work is needed on the sub base, less material is needed to create the surface, less labor is needed to perform the construction, less logistical support is needed; the costs saved are significant.
  • Maintenance Savings – Once the road is laid, GRT products also significantly lower ongoing maintenance costs.  Surfaces built with soil stabilization and dust control products are both stronger and more durable, and can be maintained with a small crew, a water truck, and not much else.  Instead of requiring an expensive resurfacing project every few years, ongoing costs are small, and reasonable.
  • Environmental Savings – While you can’t measure environmental savings in dollars, they are quite priceless nonetheless.  GRT dust control and soil stabilization products both preserve the natural environment (as less raw material and deformation is required for construction), and protect it in the long term (as there are no dangerous chemicals such as those present in hot mix asphalt).

Global Road Technology is revolutionizing the way infrastructure is built for oil and gas exploration companies, mining companies, agriculture, heavy industry, governments, military organizations, and more across the globe.

Their soil stabilization and dust control products enable the creation of top-quality roads and other infrastructure, several times more quickly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional road building methods.  Contact their engineering department today to learn how GRT products can help your company cut your infrastructure costs.

For more information on various types of soil stabilization and dust control products contact Global Road Technology.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?