It’s no surprise that global innovation continues to rise as demand for change accelerates. In 2022, the trend remained as technological advances, including software, connectivity and even heavy equipment, took centre stage.

From Hydrogen powered haul trucks, turbine aero engines and shipping power to the ESG revolution, it feels like everything took a giant leap forward this year.

And as the race towards net zero heats up, this level of innovation could be the new normal.

On the home front, GRT launched its automated SMART Dosing solution, connected via the IoT and able to capture valuable data and offer real-time feedback to people in charge.

This SMART technology marks a quantum leap in the dust suppression field and helps operators stay connected in remote and harsh conditions while accessing valuable insights and analytics.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

The Industrial Changemakers

For resource, engineering and manufacturing businesses, this year’s top 10 Industrial trends all centre on improved operational efficiency, decision-making, and execution of sustainability practices. 

Notably, new design practices are now possible due to the advances in additive manufacturing. 

Big data and cloud computing have also allowed real-time asset monitoring and enhanced visibility for management teams. 

While AI algorithms now use cloud data to discover hidden patterns and speed decision-making processes. 

In addition, immersive technology and wearables improve worker productivity and safety.

Here are the top 10 industrial innovations for 2022:

  1. Industrial automation
  2. Additive manufacturing
  3. Artificial intelligence
  4. Industrial internet of things
  5. Immersive technology
  6. Big data & analytics
  7. Cloud computing
  8. 5G
  9. Wearables
  10. Green manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing methods and sustainable practices will transform various industries from what they are today into new concepts. 

And it’s accepted that Identifying new possibilities and cutting-edge technologies early on can assist businesses in gaining a competitive advantage. 

Green manufacturing finishes the list, acknowledging the role of clean energy sources in tomorrow’s industrial applications as alternate energy sources like Hydrogen gather steam.  

Connectivity is King

Featuring heavily on the list, it’s clear that connectivity and communications are hot topics right now. 

But there’s one list inclusion that’s particularly relevant to GRT.

The IIoT, or the Industrial Internet of Things.

Enabling a bird’s eye view of the operational landscape, from a remote site to the workshop floor, the IIoT has vastly increased supervisors’ oversight and helps improve overall site performance.

It also offers transparency and traceability on workflows for quality control while optimising operations, lowering expenses, and improving worker safety.

When it comes to modern dust suppression solutions, GRT’s new SMART technology uses the IIoT to provide the following:

  • Central control & communication module 
  • Remote control electrical and mechanical hardware 
  • Automated product dosage
  • Error detection
  • Flow rate optimisation and more


The world’s industries are leading the way in innovation to improve productivity, safety and ESG requirements.

2022 saw many changes as the world shifted towards net zero and higher levels of automation and connectivity.

The Industrial Internet of Things is a crucial component in the workflow of remote sites, leveraging data to automate, monitor and improve critical processes.

Making the most of available technology, GRT is proud to have launched its SMART Dosing Units this year, taking the industrial dust suppression game to a whole new level. 

Engineered and manufactured in Australia, GRT’s SMART technology include fully automated units used by some of the world’s prominent mining and quarrying companies. 

GRT’s innovative new solutions inject GRT: Haul-Loc into the water stream, at the standpipe or hydrant fill points and at our recommended dosage calibrated to individual flow rates.

Not to be outdone in a year of significant innovations, we reckon our inter-connected dust control technology is a game changer and sure to improve performance and ESG-associated issues for many operators. 

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