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GRT: DC Binder

IBC (1000 lts)
Drill & Blast Dust Control

GRT DC Binder is a cost-effective, broad-scale dust & erosion control technology that locks down drill cuttings and the blast pattern area generally. 

Key Benefits:

  • Binds the surface of drill cuttings mounds stopping dust at the source
  • Concentrated, polymeric additive dosed into and sprayed by your site water trucks.
  • Eliminates the need for continual watering for dust control.
  • Can also be used to improve dust control on-site access roads.
  • Produces a tough crust that binds hazardous dust particles in place – eliminating the cause of black lung & silicosis.


GRT: DC Binder locks down the fine drill cutting particles protecting workers near the drilling sites from wind and traffic generated dust.

Designed to be applied through site water trucks, GRT: DC Binder is diluted with water to ensure thorough mixing. GRT’s specialised long-chain polymer (LCP) technology ensures a little goes a long way!

Additional information
Weight 1100 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 120 cm

1000 Kgs


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