Dust Control Polymer Sealant

GRT8000 dust control solution is a versatile and sustainable modified polymer, engineered to combat the problem of fugitive dust and soil stabilization on unpaved roads. It has a unique combination of additives which gives it a dark colour but improves its UV resistance.

We’ve Got Dust Covered

Unsealed roads such as mining haul roads and hardstands (lay down yards) are usually under continual maintenance with watering and grading teams working all day everyday – for what? Watering and grading roads is a band-aid solution to stop dust that incrementally is destroying the integrity of the road. When it rains, haul roads fail and become impassable – and need to be rehabilitated before production can recommence. Ultimately, given the high price of diesel, increased labour costs and equipment maintenance, it’s a loosing battle.

Polymer sealing with GRT8000 dust control solution works differently. After initial works, maintenance applications are required once every 12 to 24 weeks depending on traffic loading. With each application, an accumulating number of silty dust particles are bound together, preventing them from becoming airborne. Due to the cumulative, residual nature of the product, the rate of application of GRT8000 reduces over time, becoming more economical each year. Simply sprayed from a water truck, the results are:

  • Elimination of dust and its impacts (visibility, health, surrounding areas)
  • Stable, waterproof surface preventing corrugation and potholing
  • Improved skid resistance and decreased rolling resistance
  • Costs savings of 30-40% due to removal of daily watering and grading, less wear and tear on vehicles, improved haul times, elimination of downtime during and after wet weather (cost savings independently verified by Deloitte).

Used by the military, industrial, private and mining sectors, GRT8000 dust control solution provides effective dust mitigation on a range of unpaved surfaces, including:

  • Remote installations and accesses
  • Low and High Volume Roads
  • Car and Truck Parks
  • Railroad Yards
  • Hardstands/Lay Down Yards
  • Construction or Military Camps

Diluted with water, GRT8000 dust control solution is distributed quickly and simply using a water truck. Designed for ease of use, the application needs limited lane closures and little pre-watering, thereby saving on water and on-going maintenance costs.

GRT8000 Dust Control Solution is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.

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