Pothole Patch

GRT4000 is a revolutionary polymer solution used to repair a wide variety of road failure types from filling small potholes to large continuous patches. Repairs can be made in granular pavements with a variety of different surface treatments and can be engineered as temporary or permanent repairs. Additionally, it is the only consistently successful approach to patching in unsealed roads.

Saving Time, Money and Resources.

GRT4000 is mixed with water and locally available granular materials, the existing in situ pavement, or manufactured road base. The polymer is added to the “squared up” damaged area where it bonds with the surrounding material, creating a semi-flexible and water-resistant patch proven to last as well as the original road.

Areas repaired with GRT4000 are more cost effective than traditional patching materials, whilst still being resilient and semi-flexible. Achieving full strength quickly, the treated area remains intact and stable through extreme weather conditions, including heavy rains and high-temperatures.

Best of all, roads repaired using GRT4000 can be used almost with minimal delays after the repair has been made, minimising disruptions to road users and improving maintenance productivity.

Quality Assured:

GRT4000 Pothole Patch is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.

Compared to conventional patching and repair products and processes, GRT4000 Pothole Patch:

Improves safety for workers by eliminating hazards such as hot works and cement burns associated with asphalt or cement-based repairs.

Offers tensile strength properties lacking in cementitious repairs.

Provides immediate cost benefits.

Requires only water, in situ or local materials and a compactor.

Repairs can be accomplished by as little as one labourer

Process is easily translated into developing countries with unsophisticated equipment.

Has a very low toxicity (to both staff and the environment), particularly compared with traditional bitumen, asphalt or cement based repair products.

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