GRT:6000 Trench Compaction


When added to trench backfill materials, GRT6000’s unique properties allow full compaction with much fewer passes than is normally necessary. This reduces labour and equipment costs and effort, leading to a reduction in fatigue related injuries and equipment wear and tear.

Once the soil is compacted, GRT6000 will cure and bond the particles of soil together. This mitigates issues related to subsidence particularly when trenching through transport corridors such as roads and rail, where subsidence leads to costly maintenance such as asphalt patching or resurfacing being required.

Deploying GRT6000 soil stabilization trench compaction is relatively simple, and provides an alternative to traditional stabilised products such as flowable fill, cement stabilised sand, and lean-mix concrete. It can be carried out using small utility vehicles, from drums or even personal sprayer units.

Compared to conventional construction processes, GRT6000 soil stabilization trench compaction offers:

  • Maximum compaction with minimum effort
  • A flexible, strong backfill across wet and dry climates and temperature extremes
  • Immediate cost benefits from reduced labour and equipment requirements
  • Environmental protection – GRT products are non-toxic, have a low carbon footprint and reduce erosion and environmental impacts
  • Improved Safety – reduces the risk of future potholes and unstable road surfaces

GRT6000 Soil Stabilization Trench Compaction is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.