GRT Wet-Loc


Airborne dust particles in on public roads and workplaces such as mines, quarries, yards, and farms pose a significant health hazard to workers, residents and even livestock and crops. Fine particles of dust can contribute to pulmonary and respiratory conditions such as pneumonia, asthma, and even black lung disease in the case of coal dust. Dangerous chemicals and microorganisms are found bound to these dust particles.

Additionally, eye irritation, infections and the visual hazard to drivers and machinery operators can all lead to accidents, as well as impacting on the condition of the vehicle and machinery driving up costs.

In the case of farming, mites and other pests, lung and eye diseases, infections, are all associated with and exacerbated by airborne dust – leading to suffering for animals and also impacts on commercial viability of herds and crops.

GRT Wet-Loc is designed specifically to reduce to levels approaching zero harmful airborne dust…

GRT Wet-Loc is our newest and most advanced synthetic dust suppression product. Using revolutionary technology, long-lasting GRT Wet-Loc is engineered to meet the most demanding dust control situations. Scientifically formulated from the most environmentally sustainable feedstocks, this non-hazardous, road moisturising emollient is crystal clear, completely odorless and easy to apply. It features cutting edge penetrating and aggregating technology that allows GRT Wet-Loc to permeate deep into the finest of dust particles, weighing them down securely like water, but without the threat of evaporation or freezing. In fact, GRT Wet-Loc’s unique formula creates a long-term, re-workable solution capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Plus, it’s been formulated to meet the highest environmental standards.

  • Simple and easy application
  • Completely odorless clear fluid
  • Non-corrosive and safe for equipment
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and non-volatile
  • Safe for human, animal, marine life and vegetation

GRT Wet-Loc is at its best in areas where watering programs aren’t suitable and when durability is needed. The self-healing and re-workable properties of GRT Wet-Loc offer exceptional long-term performance on a wide range of surfaces, including gravel, sand, clay, limestone and most native soils. With correct dosage and application, it can remain actively effective for up to 12 months, regardless of the weather or severity of traffic. GRT Wet-Loc also requires fewer applications than other dust control and surface-stabilisation options. Best of all, with no cure time required, GRT Wet-Loc treated areas are ready for use and vehicle traffic after application, saving your infrastructure project both time and money.

GRT Water-Loc

GRT Wet-Loc benefits

  • Long-term performance with UV Ray resistance
  • Actively re-workable and self-healing
  • Non-slip finish and safe to drive on once penetrated
  • Eco and environmentally safe
  • Non-film forming makes it perfect for yards, hardstands and roads with heavy truck, tractor, chained wheels or caterpillar track movements.
  • Formulation resists being washed out by rain unlike many dust suppression wetters in the market.

With its long-term fine particle penetrating action, new GRT Wet-Loc offers outstanding dust control performance on a diverse range of surfaces under the most demanding weather conditions.