GRT: Dam Sealer

Fix dam leaks, dam fast!

Save water & prevent pollution

Leaking tailings dams are potential source of contaminants into downstream environments, causing ecological and health impacts, as well leading to fines for dam owners and operators.


GRT:Dam Sealer is a specifically formulated, complex matrix of soluble and insoluble polymers designed to find and seal leaks in tailings and water storage dams. Following the currents caused by the leaks, the product finds problem areas- plugging cracks and sealing fault lines. The hydrostatic pressure of the water in the dams, also assists in holding GRT: Dam Sealer in place – stopping leaks and preventing new ones!

Although targeted towards fixing existing dams, GRT: Dam Sealer can also be integrated into the design of new dams, where high quality construction materials are difficult or costly to source.

If you know where your dam is leaking, higher concentrations can be applied to this area. However, to ensure the best outcome is achieved, it is still recommended to apply to the entire dam’s surface.

GRT: Dam Sealer has been designed and manufactured to remain stable in the soil profile, providing a long-term solution to your problem.

Effective and Efficient

GRT: Dam Sealer is designed to bind elements within dam linings, swelling to seal the faults!

The key industries benefiting from this technology are:

  • Mining – Tailings dams
  • Resources – stop leakage in “turkey nest” dams
  • Rural Water Storage – irrigation and stock watering

GRT also supplies manual and automated spreaders to assist in both the application of the product and the accuracy of spread.


  • Typically treatment rate is 100 grams per square metre
  • GRT: Dam Sealer blocks the pore spaces, integrating with the soil and creating a barrier.
  • It can also be applied to seeping caused by porous features in the substrate or due to the use of poorer, locally available construction materials.


  • Safe: No adverse effects on plants, fish, pets or livestock
  • Easy application broadcast on the water surface – use a grid pattern to ensure even distribution
  • Repairs cracks and fault lines by binding to elements within the soil and swelling to reduce faults.
  • Robust product characteristics ensure that it provides a long term fix to your problems
  • Cost benefits – repair existing dams without costly design and civil works
  • Environmental – prevents the release of contaminants into downstream waterways.

Quality Assured
GRT: Dam Sealer is manufactured to
ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.