GRT:3000 Self Healing Runways


“Natural selection is continually trying to economise every part of the organization.” Charles Darwin.

Inspiring by nature and currently still in the development phase, GRT3000 is a novel biomimetic formulation designed to facilitate rapid construction of tactical and emergency self-healing runways in the operational theatre.

Designing for maximum load stress and worst-case weather conditions, traditional runway pavement designs are complex, whilst construction is time consuming and costly as it relies on the importation of specific materials and binders. Not GRT3000.

GRT3000 Self Healing Runways reduces the need to remove in-situ material and import engineered pavement materials. Instead, in-situ material is stabilized using advanced polymers. It provides a combination of damage prevention and damage management simultaneously. This specialized formulation has intrinsic properties to protect against crack nucleation and propagation. Its encapsulating mechanism assists in avoiding micro crack propagation, and resultant macro crack initiation. The result is an advanced solution that facilitates the design of minimum thickness pavements, which are resilient against failure.

This same technology can be used to polymer seal surfaces producing water impermeable, ultra-thin and dust free runways when applied on existing sufficiently strong pavements.

The GRT3000 polymer mix will provide substantial increases in compression as well as tensile strength. Resultant flexible pavements will provide failure resilience, particularly protecting against high-energy events associated with landing, and maximum loadings associated with fully fuelled and laden aircraft during taxi and taking off.


Designed to serve specific needs for a particular service life, GRT3000’s key engineering advantages include:

  • A 2 km runway completed within two weeks
  • Dust free, all weather runways
  • Fit for purpose design for expected loads rather than maximum overload situations
  • Faster demolition and reclamation of decommissioned runways

Operational benefits include:

  • Greatly reduces in-air refuelling and sortie times by providing closer to action airfields
  • Greatly reduced time to target
  • Greatly increased time over target

GRT3000 Self Healing Runways is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.

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