GRT:1000 Counter Terrorism Landmine Clearance Technology


Relying on commonly available and standard issue equipment, GRT1000 is an expeditionary product with unique morphology that aids in the detection of sub-surface threats, such as landmines.

Landmines and other IED explosive devices are commonly buried in roads and other areas frequented by armed forces or transport convoys. Until now the only way to safeguard against this threat was to repeatedly sweep these areas – a cumbersome and dangerous process. GRT1000’s remotely detectable compounds help to greatly reduce the requirement to sweep while safeguarding troops and the local population between sweeps.

Invisible to the naked eye, with unique signatures this patented state-of-the-art solution warns armed forces when roads and tracks have been disturbed.

The advantages of GRT1000 in the operational theatre are extensive.


  • Drastically improves the mobility of forces
  • Is difficult to circumvent or replicate
  • Limits sweeping to areas where road damage is evident
  • Damaged areas can be restored and re-encoded after sweeping
  • Can be implemented on roads, tracks, helipads and more
  • Allows remote scanning by satellite’s or drones to ‘sweep’ roads at high speed

GRT1000 Counter Terrorism Landmine Clearance Technology is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.

GRT:1000 Counter Terrorism Landmine Clearance Technology

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