Haul and access roads on mine sites endure the majority of mining activity and movement. Heavy machinery, high traffic usage and harsh weather conditions mean these roads must be robust, resilient and flexible.

GRT’s revolutionary products and processes prevent dust while also repairing and controlling soil and surface deterioration. Our products are effective on all soil types, keeping roads open, improving driving conditions and eliminating potential health threats posed by fugitive dust.

Mine operators understand how essential it is to build a stable road base so as to keep the routes intact, maintain safety and avoid rising maintenance costs. GRT delivers quality access road dust control and stabilization solutions to keep these vital thoroughfares permanently operational.

GRTs’ line of highly effective, environmentally safe soil stabilization and dust control products and processes eliminate the need for inefficient watering. Our dust control products also help prevent surface deterioration, potholes and rutting, avoiding haulage downtime, and damage to plant and equipment.