Mining Applications

Mine access, dust and erosion control, and mineral storage and transportation present considerable budgetary, logistical, safety and environmental challenges. Catering to large-scale operations, GRT specialises in the design, development and maintenance of haul roads, spray system additives, access roads, hardstands, lay-down yards and even water storage.

With a product range that offers, “total site management” GRT can create cost saving opportunities and reliable management strategies for underground and open cut mining infrastructure in all conditions and purposes as either a retrofit solution or designed into new developments.

Underground and Open Cut Mining Solutions

Increasingly stringent environmental regulations, health concerns and potential profit loss associated with resource extraction, storage and transportation pose considerable challenges for mining companies.

Underground Mining

With the re-emergence of black lung, as well as other dust related health issues such as silicosis, underground mining is under more and more pressure to ensure the health and safety of workers.

Key areas of dust related risk are:

  • Longwall operations
  • Development mining – continuous miners, &
  • Conveyor systems

The risk associated with dust generated from these processes and equipment can be handled using GRT’s industry leading technology, GRT: Longwall – the ideal product that strips airborne dust faster than any other product on the market. It also drives process and water usage efficiencies and is ideal for improving water efficiency used in drilling and gas extraction activities.

GRT: Wet-Loc is also the ideal product for treating and maintaining underground access roads – long lasting, durable and tough – this product is ideal for the tight areas and confined spaces underground.


Open Cut Mining

Haul roads, ramps, LV and service roads on mine sites come each come with different challenges. GRT has products designed to treat each type of road. Whether short, medium, or permanent roads, GRT has specific product focused on saving costs on traditional construction and management strategies.

Key products include:

  • GRT: Haul-Loc: Ultra-concentrate that uses GRT’s LCP technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water cart operations by up to 500%. Save water, eliminate dust, and improve safety on your haul roads.
  • GRT5000: Tough, polymer based technology that is sprayed from a water cart or cannon onto the dust generating surface whether it be a LV road or open area.
  • GRT7000: Polymer sealing and micro-stabilisation for high quality, long term/permanent roads designed to never require watering, regrading, and provide all weather road access as well as a totally dust free surface.

GRT’s range of highly effective, environmentally safe soil stabilisation and dust control products and processes supersede outdated, and inefficient water-only practices. Our dust control products are industry leading in terms of efficacy helping prevent surface deterioration, potholes and rutting, avoiding haulage downtime, and damage to plant and equipment.

Processing, Transport and Stockpile Management

These activities are key areas where significant amounts of mined resource can be lost due to mechanical process, wind, and water transporting materials offsite – leading to material loss and offsite contamination. Two main products exist to minimise this financial, environmental and public health and safety issue:

GRT: ACTIVATE: Cutting edge technology that makes water work better, harder, and more efficiently. Injected through existing spray systems, trucks or stabilisers, key applications are for quarrying crushers and conveyors and for road construction.

GRT: Ore-Loc: Polymer-based formulation provides an exceptional liquid veneering solution for raw material stockpiles and rail cars. The process works by amalgamating the small particles of coal, ore, or overburden on the surface of the pile, with the polymer to create a thin crusted layer of stable bonded material resistant to wind and rain erosion. The product can be applied directly to raw materials using water trucks, and existing or bespoke spray bar systems and gantries.

Storage, Logistics, and Workshop Yards

These areas are typically subjected to point loads, vehicle and equipment movements, which no other surface treatment can handle – except one – GRT: Wet-Loc.

GRT Wet-Loc: Non-drying and non-setting, synthetic fluid designed to adsorb into soil particles preventing them from becoming airborne. GRT Wet-Loc is a long-lasting, totally waterless application that is ideally suited to underground mining roads, areas of heavy damaging traffic such as tracked machinery routes, forklift areas, container yards, and car parks.


Broad-scale Dust Control and Environmental Products

Used in the operational but also in the rehabilitation phase, GRT has number of products designed to help environmental and safety managers reduce risk of incidents, and more effectively manage site. These are:

  • GRT: Soil-Loc: Broad-scale, long lasting dust suppression, for large open areas not subject to traffic – for example evaporation ponds, spoil sites, cleared areas, and decommissioned sites.
  • GRT: Enviro-Binder and Nature-Plus: Tough, polymer based technology that is sprayed from a water cart or cannon onto erosion prone batters, stockpiles, bunds and cuts. Nature-Plus also incorporates a strike enhancing fertiliser to aid in regrowth initiatives.
  • GRT: Water Clarification: GRT has a two pronged attack using chemicals and polymers to safely and effectively remove suspended solids and associated contaminants from the sediment basins and open water storage areas. Unlike many other products, GRT products do not impact pH – so release of water into downstream catchments has never been safer.

Water Storage and Tailings Dams

Water storage and tailings dams onsite are often susceptible to leaking due to natural fissures, lack of high quality construction material availability, or inherited/legacy infrastructure from historical operations. Loss of water can be a problem in arid areas, and leaking tailings dams can pose environmental and safety issues downstream. Leaking dams can also be susceptible to wall failure in extreme cases.

Fixing dams and relining them using earthmoving and civil construction practices is extremely costly – enter GRT: DamSealer. GRT: DamSealer is a complex matrix of different polymers that work their way into fissures and cracks and also for m a bonded gel layer on the treated surface. Best of all, dams can be treated without draining – simply broadcast the granulated polymer blend across the surface and it sinks down through the water, blocks leaks and bonds to and coats the dam floors and walls.

GRT provides solutions from pit-to-port encompassing dust, erosion and road condition management strategies and diagnostic, engineering and monitoring services to ensure the most efficient and effective strategies for your operation.