Dust control and Soil stabilization applications

Applications Overview

GRT’s revolutionary and environmentally friendly soil stabilization and dust control polymer products have a range of proven applications. Formulated in the world’s toughest laboratories and tested in the world’s toughest conditions, GRT’s innovative products and processes create instant infrastructure and help build better and safer roads for people, industry and communities worldwide.


Soil Stabilization

Global Road Technology (GRT) is a recognised industry leader of polymer soil stabilization. Our dedicated team take a scientific approach to soil stabilization, GRT’s investment into research and development combined with our international experience has helped us formulate some of the most effective and advanced soil stabilization products available.


Dust Suppression

Global Road Technology (GRT) is a world leader in innovative dust suppression technology that helps overcome the global challenge of creating safer roads and workplaces for people, industry and communities. Our products also assist in making surfaces within mining, construction, infrastructure and farming projects stronger, longer lasting, as well as more cost-effective.


Erosion Control

When it comes to erosion control & protecting exposed land against the ravages of wind and water, GRT’s advanced polymer technology delivers the complete erosion control solution. Many environmental strategies rely on capturing sediment in silt fences, check dams, and sedimentation ponds. These structures need continual maintenance.

Oil and Gas Applications

Oil & Gas Applications

Often remotely situated, oil and gas sites require access roads, pipeline trenches, lease pads and more. GRT’s environmentally friendly dust control and soil stabilization solutions assist oil and gas companies to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum environmental impact. Using patented, innovative, polymer solutions and advanced onsite processes, GRT reduces the need for imported materials by treating in-situ resources to create robust, resilient and flexible infrastructure.

Mining Applications

Mining Applications

Mine access and mineral transportation present considerable logistical and environmental challenges. Catering to large-scale operations and on a global scale, GRT specializes in the design, development and maintenance of haul roads, access roads, hardstands, lay-down yards and more.

With dust control and soil stabilization polymer solutions to suit all soil types, GRT can create instant infrastructure to suit all conditions and purposes.

Military Applications

Military Applications

Tested in the world’s most dangerous conditions, GRT’s dust control and soil stabilization solutions have proven Military applications. In the operational theatre, GRT’s products facilitate rapid construction of tactical and emergency roads, runways and landing pads. While logistically, a new range of classified polymer and bi-polymer solutions are helping to detect and prevent subterranean threats – improving combat safety, increasing mobilisation speed and ultimately saving lives.

Renewable Energy Applications

Renewable Energy Applications

Committed to environmentally safe practice, GRT’s products and services are used widely throughout the global renewable energy sector. Certified environmentally friendly by Environmental Resource Management (ERM), GRT’s dust control and soil stabilization polymer solutions are employed to create access roads to wind turbine and solar panel farms. Requiring minimal maintenance, the all weather roads help to reduce the environmental impact of renewable energy operations.

Construction Applications

Construction Applications

Thanks to GRT’s pioneering polymer dust control and soil stabilization solutions, road construction and maintenance is faster, greener and leaner. By treating in-situ material, GRT transforms previously substandard resources into usable and stable elements for use in highways and freeways. These revolutionary mixes can be used to help form the sub-base layer of conventional roads, fix existing roads or completely replace bitumen and asphalt roads.

Civil Equipment Applications

Civil Equipment Applications

In addition to GRT’s environmentally friendly, dust control and soil stabilization product range, GRT boasts world-class equipment and manpower resources. Combined, GRT offers complete turnkey solutions, delivering exceptional results across all aspects of road construction and maintenance. From infrastructure engineering and design to implementation and maintenance, GRT streamlines the whole process, offering a superior alternative to conventional road creation.