Vision Mission Values


At Global Road Technology, we believe that conventional solutions are not the only or best way.

Like so many members of communities around the world, we have been touched by the global epidemic that is road-related death and injury.

So we are motivated to do things better, to innovate, to provide simple solutions to a global challenge.

We are driven to improving the safety and protective quality of roads for the benefit of all road users.  We develop roads for the benefit of heavy industry and motorists through to the most vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists.

Global Road Technology is committed to using today’s technology to create instant infrastructure that helps connect communities and strengthen economies, but always to help save lives. We never forget that it is people who use roads.

We continue to innovate and develop solutions that deliver higher quality roads that are more environmentally friendly, are longer lasting, and are quicker and cheaper than conventional infrastructure.

We believe better roads are safer roads. Our focus and our responsibility is continually making roads better to service communities around the globe in which we operate.

At Global Road Technology we make a difference, one road at a time.



  • Provide the simple solution to a global problem of creating better and safer roads for people, industry and communities everywhere.
  • Distinguish ourselves through listening, learning and understanding industry challenges
  • Capitalize on strategic and opportunistic possibilities
  • Provide services that are attractive and fair to our customers and earn their loyalty while also providing value to our shareholders
  • Create a workplace that protects worker health and safety with due respect for the environment, and promote an atmosphere to grow employee learning and opportunity in a way that is fulfilling, recognized and fairly rewarded


Our non-negotiable and timeless core values are ‘Integrity. Teamwork. Learning.’



We treat people with respect, fairness, honesty, patience, understanding and trust

We are a financially responsible corporate citizen committed to the health and safety of people and the environment

We practice high ethical and professional standards



We are committed to achieving common goals through teamwork

We collaborate, listen and share information within Ensign and with our clients

We consistently present a total corporate image



We facilitate and acknowledge personal and professional growth

We strive to achieve excellence through innovation and continuous improvement

We learn from our successes and failures

Hours required for a trained crew of 4 to construct 1 mile of road
Number seconds before another person is killed or seriously injured on the world’s roads
Tonnes of soil stabilization and dust control product GRT produces daily
Proven cost saving percentage GRT products can achieve
Miles of road currently under GRT management
Number of soil specific formulas GRT currently produce