The Environment

Global Road Technology actively works to reduce, reuse, recycle and reclaim materials used in our operations to minimize our impact on the environment.
As part of our efforts to innovate and develop new technologies, we strive to use environmentally friendly procedures and materials when providing our services.
All incidents that could affect the environment are dealt with on a timely basis to ensure that they are properly contained.
Our divisions have comprehensive emergency response plans in place that address environmental concerns.
We view this as a serious responsibility to current and future generations.

Reducing Our Footprint on the Environment

Global Road Technology strives to use fewer material resources to reduce both our environmental footprint and input costs.

Our Impacts on the Environment

Global Road Technology’s crews are trained in the application of all GRT products, our application methods and practices exceed that required by regulatory boards for the industry.

Environment-GRT Reducing Our Footprint on the Environment

Our Performance

We are proud to report that there have not been any incidents that have had a negative effect on the environment in the Company’s history.


Recycling is another priority for Global Road Technology. We practice recycling in all of our locations throughout the world.

Recycling GRT

Work in Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Global Road Technology occasionally works in environmentally sensitive areas. In such instances, we work closely with our customer to ensure that any potential negative impacts of the planned operation are minimized or eliminated where possible.
We train our crews to follow good environmental and waste management practices and this is monitored on an ongoing basis by senior supervisors and safety staff.

Water Usage and Handling Waste

Global Road Technology manages waste to ensure that all GRT products used during application are well monitored and any spills are addressed quickly and contained on site to eliminate negative impacts on the environment.

Water Usage and Handling Waste GRT
Hours required for a trained crew of 4 to construct 1 mile of road
Number seconds before another person is killed or seriously injured on the world’s roads
Tonnes of soil stabilization and dust control product GRT produces daily
Proven cost saving percentage GRT products can achieve
Miles of road currently under GRT management
Number of soil specific formulas GRT currently produce